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Hire and manage talent globally with automated contracts and payroll. 100% compliance guaranteed.

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Example of the Worksome platform main dashboard

How Worksome works

Access freelancers across all departments

Find and hire freelancers within minutes

Automatic worker classification and compliant payments

Better visibility between operations, HR and Finance

Worksome is used by more than 3,500,000 designers and teams to create, collaborate on, and scale beautiful websites in a completely visual canvas — no coding needed. 

Worksome EmployeesExample of the platform talent showcase, easy freelancer hiring

Hire faster with trusted talent

Build an internal global talent pool that companies and freelancers love - or tap into our elite marketplace - while still using your best recruiters and candidate hiring processes
Unlimited users for free

Automate compliant contracts and payments

Save time and remove risk with automated compliant contracts, payroll and processes for your entire external workforce, globally.
100% compliance guaranteed
Worksome is headquartered in Copenhagen the capital of DenmarkWorksome allows companies to easily add their own PO's (if used), Non Disclosure Agreements, and Contract terms at your discretion for easy hiring and independent contractor management
Two employees from Worksome including Morton Bruun, VP of Global Operations for WorksomeInside look at Worksomes' platform, which makes hiring freelancers easy, fast, and legally compliant

One overview of cost and efficiency

Gain global visibility on spend across your external workforce and recruiters with centralized analytics.
Centralize your payments

Trusted by +25,000 companies

“Until now, we’ve never had a single platform to manage everything. The fluidity of the platform really works in our favor.”
Florence Strivens, Resource Manager at Oliver Agency

Build your contractor workforce today

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